OBS screen recording files wont import into Davinci Resolve


Hi guys, Simon here again. Back in December 2019, I recorded a video called Screen Recording and Editing Basics with OBS and DaVinci Resolve. Now that video has been watched close to 85,000 times now. It’s had about one and a half thousand likes and it’s had about 175 comments.

So it’s one of my most popular videos. One of the things that keeps coming up regularly in the comments is that people are following the instructions and recording screencasts with OBS. But then when they go to import them into DaVinci Resolve, the files won’t import. Now that is covered in my video of how to get that to work, but it is a small short section so it could be quite easily missed. So I thought I’d put together a quick dedicated video showing exactly how and why that happens. It all comes down to the video file types that DaVinci Resolve supports.

It won’t import MKV files, but it will import MP4 files. Now if we take a look at our settings in OBS, under the output tab, by default the recording format is MKV. Now you can change that to MP4, but what will happen is if you have any issue with your machine or your OBS crashes, none of that data will be saved if you’re recording to MP4. So it is a good idea to record to MKV when you record your files.

Now once you have made your screen recordings, you can go in, as I showed in the video, you can go to file, remarks recordings, select your MKV file, and it will remarks it into an MP4 file. Now since I recorded my video, I think OBS have added in a new feature. So if you go into settings and go into advanced, under the recording section, you’ll see there is an automatically remarks to MP4. So this effectively does it for you.

So if we cancel, now if we just start recording, and we’re doing something on our screen, so we can go and have a look at my photography website, and we can have a look at some of the local area around me, and then we go back and stop our recording. You can see it comes up remarks in recordings. So if we go and look at our file system, we’ve got not only our MKV, but also our MP4.

Now the MP4 file will import into DaVinci Resolve, the MKV will not. So hopefully that helps everyone who’s had that problem before. I’ve tried to sort of go on and answer and help those people, but I figured a video showing exactly how to do it might be the way to go. Thank you.