Davinci Resolve Studio’s Voice Isolation feature is a game changer | My mind is blown!!


Hi folks, Simon here. Now, I just thought I’d make this quick video just to highlight something that’s just blown my mind in DaVinci Resolve.

Now, recently we all know that it came out with a voice isolation feature, which basically drops background noise. Now, I’ve just about half an hour ago recorded a video showing how to do some masking and blurring on parts of a video. And I didn’t realize that I still had the, I had a USB cable attached to charging my Rode microphone as I was using it and it’s added some significant background noise to the clip, which I’ll show you in a second.

I was basically about to throw it away and rerecord it. And I thought, well, I wonder what the, I wonder how the voice isolation in DaVinci Resolve will go with this video. Well, I’ll let you have a look for yourself. Let’s jump over and take a look. So we’re in DaVinci Resolve now. And as you can see with the waveform that it shows a huge amount of background noise.

I’m just gonna play it and I’m gonna turn the voice isolation on and off and you’ll be able to see what it’s actually doing. If you wanna look at blurring part of your video in DaVinci Resolve, it’s really quite easy. Now, you can hear that background noise. Now, I’ll keep playing, I’ll go back to the start and I’ll keep playing and I’ll turn the voice isolation on and off and you can see the difference that it makes.

Okay, if you can’t tell, I’m just blown away by that. That’s unbelievable. I honestly thought that video was a throwaway but it looks like I may be able to salvage it now. So yeah, if you haven’t used voice isolation in DaVinci Resolve, check it out.